Treatment For Blackheads And Whiteheads

Sun, Mar 1, 2009

Acne Treatments


I’ve learned a lot recently about treatment for blackheads and whiteheads
by reading from several varied skincare professionals, and have learned
a few things that I’ll be doing differently … Here are a few tidbits I’ve gleaned
that make sense.

Bacteria is not the ONLY factor in whiteheads and blackheads … the matter and
surrounding skin needs to be softened so that the blackheads can be cleared –

Skin with acne is irritated skin, and irritating ingredients (even if they
feel neat) are not advised – such as mints, camphor, menthol, etc. –

Steaming pores is apparently not the thing to do, as it causes the tissues to
swell –

Cleanse*, Rinse Well, Pat Dry twice daily …

Each evening, take a warm wet washcloth and hold it over the acne for a few
minutes to soften the matter – you can try to clear them GENTLY – be sure to
use a tissue over your fingers to prevent slipping / ripping the skin, and do
not bruise your tissues as you coax them from “underneath” from various sides
– if they do not clear after a few GENTLE squeezes, they’re not ready yet (I
prefer to “clear” in the evening, as our bodies naturally heal faster during
the rejuvenation cycles of sleep) –

Follow with your toning and treatment of choice.

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