How To Treat Acne And Oily Skin

Sat, Feb 28, 2009

Acne Treatments


Are you sick and tired of using those products are designed to strip the oils
on your face? This results in the oil glands overproducing (more than before) to
compensate for the depleted oil. Your skin needs coaxing into producing less oil while you
maintain a clean face. What you want is thorough cleansing without stripping the
oil’s acid-mantle barrier. This is how to treat acne and oily skin problem.

For the extremely oily, I suggest jojoba. You’ll be amazed at how well it
can help balance this. Steam your face (or splash with very warm water),
apply some jojoba. It is technically a liquid wax most like our sebum,
though it feels oily. It helps to loosen the matter in the pores, softens
surface skin, and helps skin exfoliate properly, while also helping to
balance the level of oil production over time. Mix equal parts ground oats,
dry milk, and sugar – store in water-tight container and do not let water or
steam into the product. To clean your steamed / oiled face, pour about 1
Tbsp of this powder into your hand, add just enough water to make a paste,
and scrub without pressure, as if the oat mix were soft bubbles (let the
powder do the scrubbing for you). Rinse well. As you first start to use,
you may notice more flaking than expected … a wetted washcloth can help
remove extra flakes.

To close pores and assist the less-oil effort, you want something astringent.
However, alcohol is so drying, you’ll be again burning that candle at both
ends. Dimestore witch hazel with only 14% alcohol by volume is the highest
amount of alcohol I’d recommend for anyone. If that proves too drying, look
for less chemical products like Clearpores or Healthypores. You can get them

Some theories are that a little of the right oil as a skin softener help,
others say it’s too much. If acne / clogged pores is a problem, then I’d
consider a drop or less of one of a few oils mixed into between 1 and 2 tsp
of the witch hazel. My experiments with a few vary with the season as to
results – humidity plays a huge role here, as well as temperature of the day

Try this and let me know how it goes …

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