Home Remedies For Acne

Wed, Sep 16, 2009

Acne Home Remedies

Are you looking for home remedies for acne? Well if you are then you will most likely be lad to know that there are many great home remedies for acne that work and can be found all over the internet. You can make your own facial masks that can dry out the oils in the ski or even make some that are homemade chemical peels. You can add certain foods to your diet as well.

Start with cooking up some oatmeal like you are planning on eating it, but rather wait until it cools a bit and apply it to the face as a mask. Let the oatmeal dry out and as it does it will absorb the oils in the skin. When dry, simply wash off! Of course if you do not like oatmeal, you can do the same thing with tomatoes that are pureed into a paste.

Why not take a nice and hot bath. Not one that is so hot that it burns the skin, but you do want it to be warm enough that it results in your skin itching. Add some rosemary to the bath and relax in it. The skin will start to itch and it will be annoying, but this itching is caused from the pores opening up and releasing all of the oils and impurities that have been clogging them.

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